For use in a variety of applications and industries. 

LionGrip® Is a flexible lifting aid for industry in general. 

The KELVA LionGrip® is used for moving reels, sleeves, core shafts and rods and a host of other components particularly off center loads. With LionGrip®, core shafts are held between rubber brackets and never touch the floor. Fast material changes together with simple installation make.

LionGrip® a most cost effective addition, and it brings a large margin of safety to any operation by eliminating hands on labor.  It has a radius of 12 feet, with a 200° angle, and can be custom-designed for specific needs. The simple design, installation and operation are easily observed. 

FUNCTION: A pressure sensitive control handle on the lift moves the lift arm to follow the operator’s slightest command up or down. The weight being handled is never borneby the operator who is then free to place the component in place. 

ELASTICITY: The elastic suspension of the arm means the lift is “forgiving”. Therefore the operator does not need to be right on target on each occasion when placing a component.  

The lift can be used for easy handling of: reels, shafts, sleeves, pallets, tools, products in production line etc.