Waxbar Kit

A straight forward method of Producing fluted medium to its Correct spec & at the same time Inculcating these benefits!

  • Greatly improved Flute Formation thus higher stacking strength of finished box.
  • Optimum Material Exit Release from the Corrugator Rolls.
  • Reduces Potential for High/Lows with increase in production speeds.
  • Increased board caliper increases stacking strength of finished product with increased ECT test values.
  • No Harmful Carcinogenic Vapors.
  • Environmentally Safe Wash-Up.
  • No Carbonizing on the Corrugated Roll slots.
  • Eliminates Oil Spots on Corrugated Sheets.
  • Extends the Life of Corrugator Rolls.
  • FDA Approved.

The perfect flute?

The positive paper exit release now in place ensures consistent production of flutes without distortion, that are to spec as called for.

No wax in any form remains on the medium. Any wax deposits then dissipate if present. The dual wax bar kit has its own tension control that operates with its own air powered turn activator. This allows the operator to make incremental adjustments and so control the amount of wax being put in use.

The medium, considered by some present board makers as a hostile component, passes, after the preconditioner, between wax bars on each side and acts as the transport agent for the wax. After picking up wax from the bars, the medium then deposits same on the surface of the corrugating rolls. The existing coefficient of friction is immediately eliminated allowing the medium to attain its correct flute form without resistance & at the same time reducing energy cost.