For instant non invasive measurement of moisture in paper, fiberboard, stacks rolls, and profile moisture of paper on the re-winder. Cost : $1,195.00 ex Stock

AD4A Neutral Point.

Moisture Meter with analog display.

Measuring ranges: 2-12% Blue scale, 10-20% Red LED

Measuring range shifts are automatic. Hand held meter is ideal for immediate reading of moisture in roll stock. The penetration depth of the measured field is approx. one inch. The system also displays moisture in low lying layers. 

Neutral Point.

The neutral point is continuously monitored and automatically corrected (Green LED).

Choice of material.

On the back of the meter is a schedule that shows appropriate material group to be selected.

Measuring principle.

The meter measures the moisture indirectly by determining the dielectric constant. A capacitive measurement  is accomplished by a high frequency field which passes through the material without effect or damage.

Measuring process.

After powering the meter and adjusting material density, the probes are pressed to the material. Actual moisture value is displayed.


The meter operates on two common

AA batteries. Weak battery power is displayed,

and unit shuts off after 1 minute of non use.