Shok Block

Make instant improvement your tab cutting with Shok Blok and increase production speeds dramatically 

  1. Shock absorber loaded knife absorbs shock and reduces operative noise drastically.
  2. Replaces present tab block without any modification to Std. Glue lap slotter head.
  3. The cutting action is one of helixical “Roll over the anvil surface” and eliminates the guillotine “chop” type of impact tab cutting. Tab cutting is almost noiseless.
  4.  Faster speeds result since tab hangup is eliminated.
  5. The shok blok holds the cross knife completely captive against the male slotter knife and eliminates the problem of knife drift associated with solid tab knife holders.
  6. Knife and anvil life is increased and worn knives are quickly replaced. Cost of soft anvil covers is eliminated.
  7. Set up time is reduced because knife set requires only that knife touch steel anvil +/- 1/32 pressure.