Reversible Drum Vac 

Pump 55 gallons in 90 seconds! 

Two-way pumping action! 

What Is The Reversible Drum Vac? 

A safe, maintenance free way to recover: 

  • Coolant • Sludge and chips
  • Hydraulic oils • Tramp oil
  • Liquid spills • Waste water



  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance free                                                
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safe – no electricity
  • Built-in pressure/vacuum relief
  • Compact and portable
  • Installs quickly
  • Spill free – auto safety shutoff
  • Fits standard closed head drum


Why The Reversible Drum Vac? 

EXAIR’s compressed air operated Reversible Drum 

Vac System attaches quickly to any closed head 

55 gallon (45 imperial gallon) drum. Its high 

powered vacuum fills the drum in less than two minutes. 

With the simple turn of a knob, the same stainless steel pump quickly empties the drum. Coolant sumps can be easily refilled, & floor spills vacuumed      

Contaminated liquids transferred to filtration tanks in minutes. 

The flow rate in and out of the drum can be controlled with the knob, making it ideal for dispensing liquids.