PaperSchmidt Hammer 

The PaperSchmidt is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for paper roll hardness testing.  


  • It has a high compliance plunger and a revolutionary measurement principle that is independent of the angle of impact. This gives PaperSchmidtits “Best in Class” performance for the test of the roll profile 
  • The paper roll profile can be viewed directly on the integrated display. 
  • The instrument provides an automatic calculation of the average paper roll hardness, the range and standard deviation. 
  • It can also be programmed to indicate immediately if pre-set max/min values of the roll profile are exceeded. 

Roll Hardness  

Out of round rolls and other defects such as corrugations caused by non-uniform roll hardness profiles are a major cause of lost production for both producers and converters alike. 

 A reliable measurement of the roll hardness profile is of critical importance in deciding whether a roll is good or bad. Proceq’s instruments give the production staff the support they need to test quickly and reliably the roll hardness and to interpret the results as efficiently as possible.