Kelva’s LV2 and LV6 Level Regulators

Keep Your Liquid Levels Constant with Kelva’s LV2 and LV6 level regulators.

  • Fully air operated
  • Explosion proof
  • Works with all air operated pumps


Kelva has two different level regulators. LV2 gives a signal at a low level, while LV6 gives a signal at a high level. Thus, LV2 is suited to control a pump to keep the level in the receiving container constant, while LV6 can control a pump to keep a container empty.

Product name:  Kelva Level Regulator (LV2)

Permitted air pressure: 100 – 400 kPa (15 – 60 psi)

Recommended air pressure: 150 – 200 kPa (20 – 30 psi)

Sensor nozzle pressure: 15 – 20 Pa (0,002 – 0,003 psi)

Level accuracy:  +/- 1mm (+/- 3/64”)

Efficiency: As minor differences as +/- 1mm will activate the level regulator.

Material: LV2, incl sensing nozzles and brackets, are cast in brass and have diaphragms of fibre-reinforced nitril rubber.