Food Grade Lube 

The purest lubricant for high speed slitters that require: 


Using ADCP-70FG is a strong step towards eliminating build up on blades allowing them to deliver quality slitting longer.       


CRYSTAL PLUS MINERAL OIL : Pt. #:  ADCP – 70FGSTE Lubricants are white oil and synthetic-based products designed for use in a broad range of applications in four categories, including: Food Grade, Technical, Environmental and Synthetic. It is a corrosion barrier and prevents rust on contact. 

In decades of formulating oils and greases, the STE team has learned how to optimize the chemistry that can now help reduce the environmental impacts of work, from pure white oils for food manufacturing to environmentally tuned lubes for marine operations – without sacrificing performance in any way.The smoother surface of blades treated by ADCP – 70FG provides superior lubricity and reduces friction up to 24% – making them ideal for film converting or other adhesive application, besides corrugated slitter blades. 

Because ADCP – 70FG passes through the Hydotreater in multiples, sulphur, nitrogen, and aromatic hydrocarbons are dramatically reduced to acceptable levels to allow subsequent purifying of the oil in a conventional refinery catalytic cracker or hydrocracker. 

The Oil Hydrotreater processes straight-run atmospheric and vacuum gas oils from the Crude Unit, and cracked atmospheric and vacuum gas oils from the Hydrocracker Fractionator and Delayed Coking Units. As a result of hydrotreating, the sulphur compounds are converted to hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen compounds changed to ammonia, and aromatics are saturated. Some chemical conversion of oil to jet kerosene and lighter components also occurs. The hot reactor effluent is cooled to separate the unrecalled hydrogen and produced gases from the liquids.ADCP-70FG meets or exceeds requirements of US FDA regulation 21 CFR 172.878 and CFR178.3620(a) for direct and indirect food contact. It meets or exceeds standards of the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF). It meets standards for approval as H1 and 3H lubricants for use in food processing plants under the jurisdiction of the USDA. ADCP-70FG is also Kosher approved. For more information on price and delivery please contact us.