Easy Out Die Bolt

The EASY OUT Die Bolt That Saves You Time, Expense, and Inconvenience. 


The bolt is produced with a 5/64” hole 

in the shank that does not reduce the torque 

strength.  Available in 5/16” only. 


When the bolt finally breaks 

the exposed center hole allows 

 for instant removal of stub with  

a common extractor;  

One shipped with each order. 


Standard thread.                                       Metric thread.                                                                    

Pt.# EO5/16-18C                                       Pt. # EOMB8-125C 


Cost: 0.99c in box of 100  

Cost: $2.90 in boxes of 100; Box cost: $99.00                          

Box cost : $290.00 


Please call us for free sample bolts in order to confirm product superiority. 

Cost:  $25.00 ea.  DELIVERY: EX STOCK