Dovey Kelva Web Tension Control Model LV9    

The easy way to keep the web tension constant. 

  • Fully air operated.
  • Explosion proof.
  • Choose between spring or

cylinder arm. 

  • Available for rolls with up to Ø of  63.00”. 
  • Reliable, inexpensive and easy to install. 

The Kelva LV9 consists of a pneumatic regulating valve with a cylinder arm or spring arm. The device is fitted to a round bar, with its roller against the reel of material. It registers reduction in the diameter of the reel and regulates the air pressure to a Kelva brake accordingly so that web tension is held constant. 

Product model: LV9 

Options: cylinder or spring arm 

Application: The LV9 can be used with most materials, provided the diameter of the reel does not exceed 1600mm  

Additional features: Hand lever complete with air regulator and pressure gauge for cylinder arm configuration.