Core Bung Remover

A simple tool that easily removes the bungs from end of paper roll core. The Dovey Core Bung Remover is easy to use. Merely insert the tool into the core, half turn and pull. The core plug is removed in one piece without damage. After turning, the latch drops into a T allowing bung capture and removal. 

The Dovey Bung Remover is made from solid ¾” steel, and the “T” handle is machined for a safe and comfortable grip. It’s designed for use with any wood or synthetic core bung.  


Part #: DCPR – 100034    Cost: $135.00     Weight: 4 lbs.  Length:  14”  

For 3 – 4” end plugs with 1.000” I. D. hole.           


Part #: DCPR – 30006    Cost: $215.00     Weight: 11 lbs.  Length:  21” 

For 6” end plugs with 3.000” I. D. hole.