Auclean’s unique Chamber is machined from the latest aluminum alloy used in the aviation industry by a special process. The special magnetic characteristics of the chamber make it more convenient for the operator to install the doctor blade. The outer surface of the chamber is treated with anode oxidized technology and the inner surface with Teflon. This reduces the possibility of ink adhering to, and drying in the chamber while in operation, thus an easy clean up.  



Replacement of the conventional rubber roll and fountain pan 

Decreases start-up time 

Improves consistency of printing/coating quality  

Easy retrofit to existing machinery 

Less ink waste 

Decreases VOC emissions, more consistent in PH and viscosity  

Fast and easy clean-up 

Requires little maintenance 

Allows faster speeds 

Customized design where called 

Available for narrow web, wide web and corrugated 


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